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Question : How are Doxys diet coach & online diet consultations different from other programs available?

Answer : Doxys diet coach teaches & online diet consultations teaches you how to achieve permanent results by implementing a nutrition and fitness system centered on, your lifestyle, your goals and the powerful science of blood sugar stabilization. You will be educated on how your body works and then learn the tools on how to make your body work for you!

While other programs could create a cycle where you could lose weight in the first weeks and then gain it back time and again, Doxys diet coach  will teach you how to keep it off permanently, all while feeling great, enjoying the foods you love without any craving every day !.

Doxys diet programs offers you so much more than just a meal plan. It will really change your life because correcting the bad eating habits is a very very important first step when you start a new diet plan. Your nutrition is very important but  it is only one part of a healthy lifestyle. Doxys online diet coach gives you all the assessment tools you need  to include  physical or sport activities.  As a member of Doxys diet coach, you will receive daily a new menu proposal, easy to edit. This customized  diet program plan created according to your goals, your lifestyle and your food preferences is very easy to follow every day..

Your personal diet plan includes every day customized meal plans based on the foods you like to eat and the foods you don't like ! The most efficient fat blasting, and even the important "extras" that have a huge impact on your results !

You will have access to our food database - more than 6000 foods, the forums to share motivation and tips for success with other fellow members, e-newsletters with cutting edge info from the top nutrition and fitness experts in the industry, and so much more. Your membership also includes an online support with our Registred Dietetitians team  Coaches. Doxys diet is not simply a "dieting" program but a complete turnover of all your eating habits. We provide you with a science based diet program to fit into your lifestyle, and the education, tools and support that you need to succeed!

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