Questionnaire on lactose intolerance - Introduction

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Who am I ?

My name is Philippe Reumont. For further contact click on my name in order to send me an e-mail. This year I am completing a study about lactose intolerance at the Arthur Haulot Institute dietary - nutrition department in Brussels (Belgium - Europe).

This study will enable myself to defend my end of scholarship work in order to obtain the title of "Graduated / Certified in nutrition".

This study is accomplished in collaboration with :


The directors of this study are :

  • MRS. Ghislaine DUFOURNY director of the C.I.R.I.H.A. et Professor at the Haute Ecole Lucia de Brouckère

  • MRS. Karine BUEDTS Dietician at the Dietetic service in the Erasme hospital

  • Doctor Erik FRANCOIS Gastro-enterologist in the Gastro-entérologic service in the Erasme hospital


What is the study of lactose intolerance about ?    

The study covers different objectives :

  • Try to know the different eating habits of lactose intolerant people throughout the world & continents ;

  • Try to know the everyday difficulties of the lactose intolerant people (the different symptoms that these people come across, the difficulties to prepare meals and the wishes to adapt the meals, ...) ;

  • Try to know the symptoms of the lactose intolerant people and try to know if the problem is solved by an appropriate diet ? In this case which one ? What are the recipes used by lactose intolerant people and which ones works best ?


    Who does this study concern ?

    This study concerns adults (18 year old & over) who are lactose intolerant. Moreover these persons : professionnal such as medical doctors, dieteticians, nurses and other health practionars may also take part in the study. Health practionars must mention themselves as such. In this case we may suggest them to identify their complete standards (name - surname & e-mail adress) if they answer the questionary for one of their patients. Taking part in the study is free of charge & anonymous. If you are not a health practionar & if you are answering the questionary for yourself : you don't have to mention any name or surname. Only the initials of your name and surname or a pseudonym are necessary. This way we may contact you later (only if you whish so). No personnal markings concerning this study will be publicly released.

    The final results will be released on this web site.

    The study will take place between november 2000 & end April 2001. This is a short period of time. If you are interested in taking part in the study or if you know another person who could be interested, do not hesitate to answer the questionary or advise a friend. See in the column on your left : "Advice a friend" by sending an e-mail which has a link with this questionary. The "deadline" of this questionary is set at the end of April.

    You may send us a comment or ask us one or several questions by filling in the zone which is situated at the bottom of the questionary just before the sending button. You may add additional information, comments on the questions above.
    In this case please mention the number(s) of the question(s).

    If you know interesting recipes - poor in lactose or lactose free - please send them to us. So we may compare them with the ones we already have.

    Enjoy & thanks for taking part !

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