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Lactose maldigestion / Lactose intolerance - NDC - National Dairy Council - New research shows that many individuals diagnosed with lactose maldigestion can consume the amount of lactose found in up to two glasses of milk : one consumed with breakfast, one with dinner without developing gastrointestinal symptoms - as a leader in nutrition research since 1915, the National Dairy Council® is dedicated to providing timely, scientifically sound nutrition information on the health benefits of milk, cheese and yogurt ;

Lactose content of milk and other dairy products - NDC - National Dairy Council - Information about the nutrients found in milk, yogurt and cheese. Information sheets ;

Lactose Intolerance - NIDDK - National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse ;

Coping with Lactose Intolerance - IFIC - Food Allergy Myths and Realities ;

Lactose Maldigestion - NIH ORBD - National Institutes of Health Osteoporosis & Related Bone Diseases - " Some experts have proposed that the prevalence of lactose intolerance has been exaggerated. The National Dairy Council suggests that many people who report being lactose intolerant may actually have lactose maldigestion. Individuals with lactose maldigestion have insufficient lactase to break down lactose completely, but they do not develop the severe gastrointestinal symptoms as those who are lactose intolerant" ;

Coping with Lactose Intolerance - IFIC - Food allergy is a reaction of the body’s immune system to something in a food or an ingredient in a food—usually a protein. It can be a serious condition and should be diagnosed by a board-certified allergist. A true food allergy (also called "food hypersensitivity") and its symptoms can take many forms ;

Le lait c'est important - Dietetistes du Canada - Document en FRANCAIS - Qu'est-ce que l'intolérance au lactose? Conseils pour les personnes atteintes d'intolérance au lactose - Conseils pratiques - DÉFINITION - Qui peut être atteint d'un trouble de digestion du lactose? Les causes de la mauvaise digestion du lactose - Ai-je un trouble de digestion du lactose? ;

Frequency and Distribution of Lactose Intolerance - World data - Data obtained (in part) from "Lactose and Lactase", Scientific American, October, 1972, by Norman Kretchmer ;

Lactose Intolerance and Milk Allergies- by Mario Cassar (MSc FIBMS) - A lot of useful informations concerning lactose intolerance & milk allergy. Topics : symptoms, causes, prevention, cure, milk alternatives, calcium requirement, medical reports, dairy free recipes, genetics ... . Don' t miss the Survey form ;

Lactose intolerance Clearinghouse by Steve Carper - Lactose news and basics, dairy facts, books, products, and more ;

100 Percent Lactose Free Entertainment - Kirsten's Lactose Intolerance Website - member of the Lactose Intolerance Webring. A description of lactase deficiency and milk allergies, plus look up ways to deal with the condition, dairy-free recipes and ingredients in different foods ;

Interesting links - in SPANISH -

"Intolerancia" a la lactosa by A.D.A. - American Dietetic Association ;

by Danone newsletter n°12 - leches fermentadas y la mala digestion de la lactosa ;

by A.U.P.E.C. Adios al sindrome de la "Intolerancia a la lactosa" ;

Dietas y tablas recomendaciones dietéticas para la intolerancia a la lactosa ;

Universidad de Utah Centro de Salud y Ciencias Los alimentos y la nutricion : NOAH ;

Universidad de Zaragoza : Estudio sobre la intolerancia a la lactosa ;

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